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Big Huge List of Some Amazing Women Artists!



I have been wanting to assemble a huge post of some of the amazing women artists out there, because it seems like too often they get overlooked when it comes to being honored and recognized. This year, I was incredibly honored to be nominated for a Hugo award in the Best Professional Artist category, but I was a little shocked to find out there hadn’t been another woman nominated in that category since Rowena Morrill in 1986. That’s more than a little ridiculous, considering there are so many women artists out there, they are all amazing, and they all need more visibility and recognition. I encourage you to browse through and visit their websites, and please reblog and add more artists to the list! I know this is NOWHERE near comprehensive and that are tons more artists out there.

This list mostly covers mostly professional illustrators and scifi/fantasy artists. I know I’m missing out on a ton of talented people in comics, animation, fine art, and people who do primarily fan work, but I don’t know quite as much about those areas so they aren’t as well represented here; my apologies. 

(The tags got cut off; I guess there’s a limit now? As such I wasn’t able to tag every single artist included.)

EDIT: Added more artists! 

Click the “read more” to check out the art!  Warning: This list is HUGE, and very image intensive! 

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John Oliver from The Daily Show Presents Gun Control to America - Imgur

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Digital Paintings by Jeff Langevin

Prints available at etsy.

Artist: Behance / Website

Love these images.

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Pretty book. Powerful first sentence. #books



READ HARDER! 9 days only! Get yours.




READ HARDER! 9 days only! Get yours.


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I am Legend and its first sentence.




After Barilla’s Chairman stated "I would not do a commercial with a homosexual family" other pasta companies have come forward to state their support of same sex unions.


Oh god, this has just gotten so marvelously out of hand.

Pasta for all.

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Blind Date With a Banned Book: Malaprop’s Bookstore

Great idea!

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